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Concept Ideation

Before every project, we meet with you to kick things off and thoroughly review your objectives, goals and design requirements. With a clear direction, we will develop 2D concepts around your basic idea, and throw mild-to-wild variations to quickly think about all innovation and design possibilities.

Industrial Design

Our industrial design team works together to refine the chosen concepts and into photo-realistic drawings and renderings that breathe life into your product. Every concept will be reviewed by you, and based off of your feedback, we will move forward with a refined design direction.

3D Modeling/CAD

Using our 3D modeling software to further evolve your idea, things like form, ergonomics, functionality, manufacturability and price are closely considered. During this stage, your idea lives in a digital space which allows for quick and efficient alterations when needed.


With a finished 3D model of your product, we can utilize various rapid prototyping and 3D printing processes to test human factors which helps us visualize any potential issues, and allows you to hold and demonstrate your idea in the physical world.

3D Renderings/Virtual Prototypes

While it's great to be able to hold something in your hand, some projects may only require a virtual prototype, saving time and resources. We can provide CAD-based photo-realistic renderings to display how your product will look and function, which can be easily shown to your partners, potential customers or inventors for an outside opinion.

3D Animation

Sometimes your project may benefit from a dynamic representation that highlights the full functionality and uniqueness of your idea. Our dedicated product animator can demonstrate your product’s functions and illustrate detailed processes to educate users while providing some nice dynamic elements to your product spectrum.

Graphic Design / Branding

Our talented team of graphic designers can assist you with logo and collateral design, brand identity and an overall visual brand language to provide a distinct and highly marketable product. You only have one first impression and we can help you make it a lasting one.

Sell Sheet Design

A sell sheet is essentially a one-page information sheet that displays a highly-refined representation of your product and its various features, functions and benefits. Sometimes buyers and licensees can commit to your product solely based off of a high quality (and rather inexpensive) sell sheet.

Packaging Design

In an increasing competitive marketplace, packaging is more important than ever. We design high-quality packaging solutions that are on-trend, attract attention, and communicate your product in a way that seems more like a gift than a basic container for your idea. Packaging should tell a story, and we provide eye-catching designs that will get you noticed.


Many products with moving parts require precise engineering to prototype and manufacture, and our engineers have wide-ranging experience with complex mechanisms and functions. Your existing development model is test and modified from its first conceptualizing stage to its final deployment. This process helps bridge the gap between design and manufacturing to make the process as simple as possible.

Design for Manufacturing / Manufacturing Coordination

Our understanding of materials and manufacturing processes helps us cut your factory and/or assembly costs, improving your margins and bottom line. With experience in the US and abroad, we can help find your best manufacturing fit and work together with you and the facility to ensure a seamless design-to-production transition.

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