Louis Chalfant - Senior Product Engineer - Smith’s Products

“The Cardboard Helicopter team is always pleasure to work with throughout the development of our projects. The team is always able to quickly come up to speed on our design requirement. This key attribute allows them to rapidly deliver spot-on designs that meet our requested deliverables.”

Jim McKinnis - President & CEO - Jokari Inc.

“They bring ideas with powerful consumer insight coupled with great aesthetic and functional design.”



Joe Mahan - Product Manager - Mr. Heater/Enerco Group

“As a seasonally driven company, projects here at Enerco Mr. Heater come on fast and need to be put through the paces very quickly. The people at Cardboard Helicopter have the attention to detail and collaborative spirit that we have been looking for. Their ability to assess and react to our needs as a customer quickly, have been invaluable to our business since starting our partnership with the Helicopter guys.”

Danielle Hinson - Product Development Manager - Key Gear/UST Brands

“Working with Cardboard Helicopter was a great experience from start to finish. The designers were able to take the very basic ideas that we provided and created the final designs we were looking for.”



Michael Sheridan - Product Development Manager - Pulse Performance Scooters

“Working with Cardboard Helicopter has allowed us to expedite our design and development process as a whole. With minimal instruction, we always receive quality drawings and concepts to take our products to the next level and revamp sometimes stagnant designs with their outside perspective.”

Robert McCormick - Co-founder Glion Electric Scooters

“Cardboard Helicopter under promised and over delivered on their design work product. They provided a lot of value and expertise to our design efforts. We worked everything over long distance and they did a great job of communicating, listening and allowing us to be a part of the process. We look forward to working with them in the future.”



Kiyah Duffey PhD - Co-founder - Kizingo Kids

“The team at Cardboard Helicopter was fantastic. They took our vision and ran with it: providing many great initial options, but also really listening to our feedback to help us ultimately create the product we wanted! Highly recommend this team!”

Dave Mehrbrodt - VP Business Development - American Lawn Mower Company

“Cardboard Helicopter was awesome to work with. They were professional, results oriented and kept us informed throughout the project. The team was very responsive with next iterations. They delivered on time and within budget."



Chris Campbell

“Tim Hayes and his team at Cardboard Helicopter are an absolute pleasure to work with. They really know how to take an idea and bring it to life through 3D renderings. After that, they can take your idea to the next level by designing CAD files for the creation of a working prototype. They are very professional and time efficient at a very reasonable price. I look forward to working with them on future projects.”

Greg Myracle

“I had the pleasure of working with Tim and his team on a recent project where I was under a lot of pressure to provide drawings, CAD, and prototype in only a matter of days. Tim went above and beyond reasonable expectations and even shipped the prototype direct to the customer’s facility in China…End result? We hit our deadline and the project is on the fast track.”